Distributed Power Control
via CAN bus, PDN

This unique system give you the huge advantage of using custom made switches, which give your boat a personal and ‘different’ image. Retronic use the same IPS system for working boats, and in demanding applications as e.g. navigation light controllers for rescue ships etc as the system can run diagnostics and self check.

The physical switch can be located in long distance from the switch actuator. This may save a lot of electrical wires as well as prevent against the ‘cable chaos’ beyond the switch panel position.

This system has advantages as; free programmable fuse levels, your choice of switches, dimmable lights, easy user programming of group buttons (as shut down, or all lights off from one switch), self check and alarms for several features, dimming of lights, etc.

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Heat control, status and alarms via mobile telephone.
Our GSM Remote Control is equipped with all necessary features for maximum pleasure and safety as remote heat control, temperature readings in 2 arias, temperature status, burglar alarm, battery status, battery alarm, etc.
Our unit is wired for directly connection to heaters as Wallas and Ebersprecher, and used together with our electrical systems, its all easy plug and play for your electricians.

Light Dimming
The Light settings and dimming of lights is a must in all new boats. Retronic have now made an all new sophisticated 6 channel dimmer, wrapped up in on compact unit. This unique High Power product uses advanced algorithm controlled via ATMEL processor, all to ensure the highest light dimming quality. By using our dimmer you also SAVE the dimmed energy during dimming.

The very special is that we also control this fully digital system via ‘rotate buttons’ which is step free and without on/off switch. If you want on/off switches in addition this can easily be added. If you want the dimmer panel to be used as a main control centre for adjustment, we can make it all after your specifications.

When delivered with our electrical system its all plug and play with the cable looms and switch panels. This makes an extremely quick installation.

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