About us

Retronic - your partner for custom solutions

At Retronic, we want to give you the opportunity to select a control system that works best for your organization. Our speciality is designing and producing innovative control panels of the highest quality.

Our ambition is to be a trustworthy partner for our customers as they strive to ensure reliable solutions, increase efficiency, and improve the overall image of the control panel solutions. We’re offering new ways to deal with today’s more stringent demands for high quality and greater efficiency.

Retronic continues to lead the way when it comes to maritime instrument panel solutions. By using the latest technologies, building more versatility into the solutions, and rapidly response to customer’s needs Retronic has come to the forefront of this field. We’ll continue to look for new and better ways to do things.

Since the start of the company Retronic has been a leading innovator in this field and gained reputation as a company with energy, creativity, insight and integrity.

Our factory are located in Namsos, Norway. 


At Retronic we take the issue of quality very seriously. Quality systems are in place at all levels of the Retronic organization, and we’ve worked with respect certification bodies to ensure that our products and practice meet the standards set for quality around the world.