Navigation Light Controller

Retronic Offers a wide range of Navigation Light Controllers. The range consists of traditional lantern control for filament bulbs, to top modern controllers. 

The newest Excess series is all new Navigation Controller with all necessary features for control and supervision of the ship's lanterns as well as for power supply, both ordinary and reserve. You can choose features as alarms for voltage levels, and automatic changeover to reserve Power Supply. It covers LED and ordinary Lights. 

The lanterns (navigation- and signal lights) are switched on and off either in groups or individually from the corresponding switch. All indication LED’s on the panel are dimmable in steps down to zero light for night modus use. However if a Lantern fault occurs it will indicate with visible warning lights and alarm.

To simplify the connections and minimize space required, the relay units are connected via a 2 wire CAN bus and can be placed in more practical areas for termination of the lantern wires. The supervision also includes two Hardware fuses and Soft Ware fuses per lantern. Group functions (complete setup of Navigation Lights) can very easy be programmed by the user. 

Customizing of panel shape and look as well as boat mimic is fully possible. A basic Excess can handle up to 24 Navigation Lights. Extended versions has almost no limitations.

Please contact Retronic AS for design and production of custom models.